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1. Process:
a) The Firm shall provide the Doctor with client’s details and old body health records;
b) The firm shall lineup the patient and provide appointments to the doctor. The Doctor shall provide a new prescription to the Customer if required.
c) The Doctor shall also share the new prescription with the Firm on an immediate basis.
d) The Transaction shall be deemed to be complete once the new prescription is generated by the Doctor post a successful consultation with the Customer of the Firm

2. Fees:
The Firm shall pay the Doctor 80% of the fees collected from the patient. Further, the Firm reserves the right to modify the payment structure as per the Companies policies as and when required. Tax shall be deducted as per the applicable laws.

3. Confidentiality
a) In performing Services, Doctor will have access to Confidential Information that is confidential and proprietary to the Firm. This may include, without limitation: (a) names, addresses, customer details, data, customer names, medical details of the customer and (b) marketing strategies, targeting methods, and other business objectives of the Firm. Doctor shall use Confidential Information only for the purpose of providing Services and shall not accumulate in any way or make use of such Confidential Information for any other purpose. Without the Firm’s prior written consent, Doctor shall not disclose any Confidential Information to any unauthorized or third party. Doctor shall treat such Confidential Information with at least the same degree of care that it treats its own Confidential Information and shall exercise reasonable precautions to prevent disclosure of Information to unauthorized parties.
b) Doctor’s obligations with respect to confidentiality shall expire after 2 (two) years from the expiry or termination of this Agreement.
c) Doctor shall not use Firm’s name or the name of a Firm affiliate in any sales publication or advertisement or make any public statement relating to the Firm or its affiliates

4. Doctor’s Responsibilities
a) It shall be Doctor’s responsibility not to share the Confidential Information or the content of the Transaction or the content of this Agreement or the business understanding between the Parties with any third person.
b) Doctor shall not contact the patients of the Firm other than for providing Services only after the Firm has given a go ahead.
c) Doctor shall not contact the patients of the Firm for consultation on a monthly basis. If Doctor desires for any communication with the Firm’s patients, then Doctor has to take the Firm’s permission first without which Doctor cannot contact any of the Firm’s patients.
d) In case Doctor is directly contacted by one of the Customer’s of the Firm for any reason whatsoever, the details of any such interaction(s) must be communicated to the Firm immediately.
e) The Doctor is free to give the required form and shape to the consult to the best of his knowledge to the Customers of the Firm
f) The Doctor shall not in any way defy the laws of India while providing consultation and new prescriptions to the Customers of the Firm.
g) Doctor shall obtain consent from each patient before the consultation

5. Firm’s Responsibilities
a) The Firm shall not be obligated to pay any salary or consideration apart from the Fees as described and agreed pursuant to clause __ of this Agreement.
b) The Firm shall: (a) comply with all applicable laws while performing its responsibilities; and (b) obtain all necessary consents and authorizations prior to performing its responsibilities


WellCareMeds Online Pharmacy - This “Agreement” is made and entered into on this date between M/S WellCareMeds Online Pharmacy Private Limited office Mudia Ahmed Nagar, Bareilly Uttar Pradesh 243001(hereinafter referred to as the “Firm”) AND

Medical Council Registration Details

I hereby consent to WellCareMeds Online Pharmacy for all Econsultation related work. I acknowledge that all current remuneration and other terms and conditions are accepted and agreed. I also consent to automatically create the enrollment form based on the details provided above and affix my digital signature*
 I hereby, consent to all the terms and conditions.

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