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GLUTONE Serum 30ml

INR 1,200.00INR 1,200.00

Category :
Dry Skin
MG Details :
BETACAROTENE+GLYCERIN+Lemon Peel Extract+Melazero+X50 Pure White
Mfr by:
Adroit Biomed Ltd
Country of Origin:
What is GLUTONE? Introduction: Glutone serum is used for skin glow and lightening and is made up of smaller molecules which can penetrate deeply into the skin and deliver very high concentration of active ingredients. The outermost layer of skin has layers of keratin and is made up of dead cells. It is the major barrier which makes active penetration extremely difficult. Glutone serum is made with advanced drone technology which helps effectively overcome this major skin barrier and delivers actives where they are needed to reach. Since it has concentrated water-base, this serum gives silky feel and it is non sticky in nature. Melazero helps to erase preformed melanin and hence improves the skin tone quite faster. Liposomal glutathione gives better penetration of glutathione and faster results. This combination gives unique blend with the help of drone technology delivers beauty. Glutathione is critical for optimum health of every cell and is produced by our body. It works by increasing production of lighter melanin pigment (pheomelanin) over its darker counterpart (eumelanin). Even though our body produces its own glutathione, it can be depleted by UV light, poor diet, pollution, stress and aging. Glutathione supplementation helps to increase the body’s stores of glutathione. Increased glutathione levels are desirable for enhanced anti-aging and skin lightening effects. It improves skin tone, enhances glow and radiance and gives even skin tone and suitable for all skin types. Key Composition of Glutone serum: Melazero X50 pure white Lemon peel extract
Therapeutic uses of Glutone serum: Provides skin glow and lightening benefits Reduces melanin and improves skin tone, radiance, gives even skin tone Improves immune function

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